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The OCTOPUSCAMERA distinguishes itself from other high-end cameras by offering the user an open system which fully exposes its inner workings and processing pipeline. Where most cameras are a black box with secret proprietary processing and colour science, the OCTOPUSCAMERA discloses and encourages users to see what is actually going on inside. We believe that offering and encouraging full understanding of the camera's technical workings will improve the workflow, versatility and usability of the camera. The OCTOPUSCAMERA can also offer specialist image sensor options which may be considered not profitable by most manufacturers such as global shutter, full spectrum (IR) sensitivity and native monochrome.


The OCTOPUSCAMERA has two base models, the OCTOPUSCAMERA MFT (Micro four thirds) and the OCTOPUSCAMERA LF (Large format). The two models differ only in the image sensor and lens mount, the physical body and processing capabilities are the same. Additionally, the two base models target a range of sensors. Currently the OCTOPUSCAMERA LF targets any 60mm PCI Express XIMEA sensor module and the OCTOPUSCAMERA MFT targets any 30mm PCI Express XIMEA sensor module. The OCTOPUSCAMERA 8K LF for example is the OCTOPUSCAMERA LF targeting the 60mm XIMEA MX500 sensor module - the MX500 module is the CMOSIS CMV50000 8K full frame sensor.

Micro Four Thirds


Sensor options:

  • Sony IMX255 Monochrome (XIMEA MX089MG)
  • Sony IMX255 Colour (XIMEA MX089CG)
  • Sony IMX253 Monochrome (XIMEA MX124MG)
  • Sony IMX253 Colour (XIMEA MX124CG)

Additional sensors to be announced...

Large Format


Sensor options:

  • CMOSIS CMV50000 Monochrome (XIMEA MX500MG)
  • CMOSIS CMV50000 Colour (XIMEA MX500CG)

Additional sensors to be announced...

Technical whitepapers

(Coming soon)
8K Processing on low power CPU/GPU hardware
Maximizing Dynamic Range
RAW capture
Colour science and image processing pipeline


(Coming soon)
Rear battery/accessory mounting plate CAD drawings
Lens mount CAD drawings
Sample RAW video files